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One platform for social media data ingestion, analysis, and data sharing. SMILE collects real time and historical social media data from Twitter and Reddit, performs sentiment analysis, phrase mining, entity recognition, machine learning classification, network analysis and so on. You can share your computation result to Clowder and sharing with your collaborators.
At our playground, we provide a temporary space for your experimentation, where no data is stored beyond a day.

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SMM Clowder

Discover seamless data sharing and collaboration with SMILE's social media analytical tools. Our platform integrates with Clowder (SMM Clowder), a customizable data management framework used by renowned science gateways. With Clowder, you can easily share analysis outputs, visualize data, and manage access.
SMILE's user-friendly wizard allows you to effortlessly upload targeted analytics outputs to Clowder. You can also leverage Clowder's information extractor functionality for drawing quick insight of your data uploaded.

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BAE helps practitioners to gain insight into how individuals and groups may interact with brands and various organizations. BAE investigates the relationships between users of Twitter’s machine-learned personalities and a consumer brand’s machine-learned personalities. You may find an organization’s perfect “bae” through this tool.

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Effortless On-Premises Deployment


Experience hassle-free deployment of our full stack of apps right on your own machine with ease. For deployment, SMILE leverages Kubernetes, utilizing Helm charts to define, install, and manage applications seamlessly. This integration simplifies the deployment and administration of complex applications through templating and version control. Each component of SMILE, such as the SMILE server, graphql data server, algorithms, and MinIO instance, is encapsulated as Docker containers and individually deployed within Kubernetes. This approach enables independent management of component activation, scaling, and storage configuration without causing disruptions. Furthermore, the internal networking system provided by Kubernetes enhances the overall security of the system.
For lightweight deployments where scalability is not a concern, SMILE also offers a Docker Compose setup option. This alternative provides a simpler learning curve and requires fewer resources compared to Kubernetes.

Please refer to the following documentations for more information: Deploy SMILE with Kubernetes and Helm Chart
Deploy SMILE with Docker Compose

Our docker images are published on Docker Hub and available to the public. Check it out